Section 1 - Specialty Onsite Waste Water Products

Section 2 - Standard Septic Tanks

Section 3 - Heavy Duty Septic Tanks (Interior Dimensions)

Section 4 - Distribution Boxes

Section 5 - Pump Stations

Note: - Custom Pump Stations Also Available Call for Details  

- Hydromatic Pump Distributor

-Gould Pump Distributor

 Section 6 - Manholes & Catch Basins

Section 7 - Square Structures & Utility Vaults (Interior Dimensions)

Note: -All Standard GMP, CVPS, BED
 and Washington Standard Vaults & Pads Available.
-Custom Sizes Also Available Call for Details

Section 8 Leaching Basins / Drywells

Note: -Custom Sizes Also Available Call for Details

Section 9 - Grease Traps/ Siphons/and Grit Oil & Water Separators

Note: -Custom Sizes Also Available Call for Details

Section 10 - Engineered Products

Section 11 - Agriculture Products

Section 12 - Miscellaneous

Section 13 - Storm Water Treatment Systems

Note: -If more Information or Technical Support is needed please call.

Distributor of the following:

  • Presby Dealer
  • Enviro Septic
  • Orenco -Hydromatic
  • Goulds -SJE Rhombus
  • CSI Controls -USF-Fabrication
  • Aluminum Hatches -USF-Foundries
  • Cast Iron Products -
  • Crestline Pipe & Fittings

Various files are available on this website in PDF format, readable only with Adobe Acrobat or the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.  You will need to download and install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader available from the Adobe website to open and read the files.

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